*The video starts out with a cheesy flight school intro*

Terroriser: Is there any problem with me dressed like a parakeet?

Vanoss: Yes, wheres your uniform?

Terroriser: Uh, i didn't get the memo, no one told me i had to wear-

Vanoss: At least the pig wearing the fluorescent green hoodie tried to look like us.

Wildcat: Yeah look at this dumbass, hes not even wearing a uniform. You look like a fucking idiot dude, comes to flight school dressed like that am i right guys? God we look so much better than him.

Lui: (Squeaker voice) Okay first things first maggots! Before you go through this metal detector you have to get rid of any metal objects on your person.

Vanoss: Okay, So i put it in this bin right here (Throwing sticky bombs into the bin)

Lui: (Squeaker Voice) Yes, put it in this tray.

Delirious: Shit (Laughing)

Vanoss: Man, my pockets are real full. There's a lot of shit in here.

Delirious: Gotta drop your weapons too.

Wildcat: I have a bunch of gasoline i'll put it in there. I'm missing, i'm spilling a bit, haven't made any of it in there yet. Alrighty that should do it.

*Wildcat pulls out a pistol and shoots the gasoline, igniting it*

Lui: Uh, Wildcat that's not metal!

Delirious: Oh shit run! *Suddenly, the sticky bombs explode, killing Vanoss.*

Vanoss: OH NO!

(Random laughter can be heard from everyone)

Delirious: I knew that was gonna go to hell.

Vanoss: Okay, did we pass the security check?

Delirious: Uh, flying colors.

Vanoss: Sir, let me ask the two guards did we pass the security check.

*Both guards are dead*

Vanoss: Uh i think that's a yes.

Delirious: Oh shit there a gun poking through the door watch out.

Nogla: Oh shit there is a -(Random Scream)

*Everybody is laughing*

Wildcat: That fucking sound though

*Nogla's scream is played three times, the third one is in slow motion*

Vanoss: Okay, i need to get my late slip

Delirious: Your all late.

Vanoss: I had trouble with the bus, it blew up like three times.

*Dramatic music starts playing, a card shows "EARLIER" on the screen.

Vanoss *Trying to jump out of a helicopter* I'm gonna die, can't jump out, its not letting me jump out.

Delirious: Did you die?

Vanoss: I have stars! x2 Shit!

Delirious: Can you make it over here?

Vanoss: I'm gonna try, protect me. Oh shit, there's a tank!

Delirious: Theres a fucking tank i don't wanna get stars

Vanoss: Hold on guys, wait up.

Delirious: Your gonna die, run.

Vanoss: No, wait. I just want to go to flight school! I paid for this.

Lui: Vanoss is on top of a building look at him.

Vanoss: I paid for this flight school, the hell man. Dude they really punish you at this flight school for being late. They start shooting guns at you and tanks. *Vanoss drops down from the hangar* Oh no, *Vanoss is then killed by a tank*

*Random laughter and chatter can be heard from everyone*

Delirious: Well, Vanoss just got expelled guys

On the next try, Vanoss tries to get there in a Entity XF with Terroriser as passenger.

Vanoss: Oh, thats two tanks! That's two tanks! Theres two tanks. We gotta go, oh no, NO!

Delirious: *Random laughter*

Vanoss: Get out get out get out, punch through, punch through this door, punch through the door. I'm in! *Laughing* Okay punch this side!

*Terroriser is unable to enter and explodes*

Vanoss: No! Terroriser didn't make it...

Terroriser: I didn't get to learn how to read!

Nogla: Come on come on come on NO! *Dies*

Vanoss: Oh god his body's stuck through the door!

Lui: At least Nogla made it but he's not alive.


*Random laughter from everyone can be heard as Nogla fails to enter again.

Delirious: Nogla your dead, your not allowed in the school go away.

*Noglas rage scream and rape scream is replayed again*

Vanoss: *Tosses a C4 at Delirious* Hey sorry i'm late for class

Lui: Do you have enou-

*Vanoss detonates the C4, killing Delirious.*

Delirious: Oh shit! (Laughing)

Vanoss: Sorry i'm late

Delirious: I saw, i saw something drop in front of me.

Vanoss: What happened to that guy? He had his peroid and alcohol for the first time. What a rough day.

Wildcat: Check out how cool we look in our pilot suits

Vanoss: I know

Wildcat: We look so awesome, man we look all epic and shit

Vanoss: Everybody pull up your scoreboard, which guy doesn't belong?

*Everybody starts laughing at Wildcat, who is the odd one out

Wildcat: Fuck you i fit in perfectly!

Nogla: They're all spawning like crazy. *Suddenly the titans spawned together explode*

Vanoss: Oh my god what is going on over there!

*More titans explode*


Nogla/Wildcat: Holy fucking shit!

Vanoss: Get out the car get out the car!

Wildcat: Like the fucking apocalypse.

Wildcat: Titan orgy COMMENCE!

Vanoss: Oh oh there it goes *The titans intersect with one another and explode* THERE IT GOES, GET IN THERE, GET IN THERE WILDCAT GET IN THERE.

Lui: Did you see that plane pop out?

Vanoss: Yes, was it a boy or a girl?

Wildcat: Its a boy!

*Vanoss is about the board the new DLC plane, but when he opens it, Mini Ladd is crushed by the door and then thrown into the air*

Vanoss: Wait actu- Whoa you landed on your feet!

Mini Ladd: Ow fuck, i wasn't ready!

Vanoss: Dude that was amazing

Mini Ladd: I know i'm just that good.

Droid: Alright Muchachos benedos welcome to my flight school i'm gonna teach you's ermmm how to fly how to perform tricks. As you can see i've brought my plane.

Wildcat: Are you gonna be flying in that thing?

Droid: Er yes it was built by the Aztec's, and then it was brought down by my well... grandparents.

Wildcat: Can it even get off the ground?

Droid: You know cabrone, you being a little bitch. And i'm gonna show you okay?

Vanoss: Are we gonna learn how to fly like Tom Cruise?

Droid: Yes, erm we might be in the sequel

*Random Spanish language can be heard from Droid as he tries to get the plane off the ground*

Droid: Are you guys watching me? This is how you do it, okay. The first thing you wanna do is.

*Vanoss has C4 attached to the plane, which blows up the plane in mid air and crashes to the ground.*

Wildcat: Holy shit, the way it launched clearly to the left.

Wildcat: Heeey everybody, i have a special talent i would like to share with you, i can make beautiful songs with my nose. Ready here i go.

*Wildcat sings Jingle Bells, but gives out after a second.*

Wildcat: Thats all i got.