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(Wildcat's Video) Map: cs_office

*Lullaby music (instrumental)*


Vanoss: "Sir, uh, can you please get back to work?"

Vanoss: "SIR!! Wake up!!"

Wildcat: "Who ya talking to?"

Vanoss: "Stop sleeping on the job!"

Wildcat: "Who ya talking to, who's sleeping?"

Vanoss: "Talking to you!"

Wildcat: "Nobody's sleeping, nobody's been sleeping..."

Vanoss: "Have you been drinking again?"

Wildcat: "NO, no..."

Vanoss: "*sigh* Just get back to work, (inaudible)."

Wildcat: "Alright, lemme just organise my de--" *gets shot by Vanoss with Machine Gun*.

*Wildcat goes under table and gets stuck in table*

Vanoss: *laughs* "You're stuck in the table!!"

Wildcat: *laughs* "Hey man!! Get me out of here!! *Does goofy voice* Hey man, what's- *giggles*"

Vanoss: "No more jokes, okay?"

Wildcat: "Nu-ugh, betch."

Vanoss: "No more jokes,"

Wildcat: "Hey, why don't you.. shut the fuck up other there, asshole huh?"

Vanoss: *giggles*

Wildcat: "Yeah, you don't like it when I talk SHIT huh do ya bitch?"

Wildcat: "STOP, BEING, A LITTLE, BITCH!" *Screen shakes in stages* Vanoss: "Why are you using the desk like a turtle floatie?"

Vanoss: "Shut up,"

Wildcat: "What are you gonna do about it?"

Vanoss: "Get back to work, just get back to work okay? Get back on your computer,"

Wildcat: "I can't, I'm stuck, hold on, lemme just wiggle my way over der..." *tries to wiggle out of table*

Wildcat: *giggles* "Look at me!" "What dafu..."

Vanoss: *giggles* "C'mon, you're almost there, this is like a David Blaine Magic Trick" *Wildcat comes out of table*

Vanoss: "Yay, and he goes back to taking a nap, alright you're fired."

Wildcat: *gets shot to the next workplace in front of him* *laughs*

Vanoss: "Get out of my office!!"

(Scene 2)

Vanoss: "Get dafuq out of here!" *Shoots Wildcat again to outside*

Wildcat: *Laughs* "Oh my god!!"

Vanoss: "And stay out!"

(Scene 3)

Map: rp_bigcity

Delirious: "right,"

Vanoss: "Get in."