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Active Members of the Vanoss Gaming Crew (as of 2024)

Former Members of the Vanoss Gaming Crew (as of 2024)

  • Lui Calibre (Left recording full-time with the crew around 2016, but sometimes makes an appearance, mostly to join Vanoss in his content, however; he is inactive on his own channel. Accused in 2020 and 2021 of being an abuser by several ex-girlfriends, and snapchatting inappropriately with an underage girl. Several group members appear to avoid recording with Lui.)
  • Mini Ladd (Left the crew in 2018 after a dispute with Terroriser, and other members. In 2020 was accused by at least two underage girls of alleged predatory behavior. Later admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with several underage fans.)
  • Ohmwrecker (Left the crew in 2020 after disputes with at least one group member. Neither the group nor Ohm have given verifiable statements explaining the situation leading to his departure, leaving interpretation to unverifiable speculation.)
  • Moo Snuckel (Left recording with the crew full-time in January 2024 due to his mental and physical health being in a very bad place, unable to balance YouTube with normal life has been a struggle, the negative state of the internet and how competitive gaming has become.)

Associates {Others that have directly collaborated with the crew in content before}

  • Mr Sark
  • Silent Droidd
  • Racingcatz
  • SoCloseToToast
  • SeaNanners
  • SMii7Y
  • Sp00nerism
  • Bryce Games
  • Chilled Chaos
  • ImMarksman
  • KryozGaming
  • Screwologist
  • Gassy Mexican
  • MamaBot
  • Cartoonz
  • Dead Squirrel
  • Bigpuffer
  • Ve1ocity HD
  • Grizzy
  • ZeRoyalViking
  • Hutch
  • MsHeartAttack
  • Mexicutioner
  • Blarg
  • BYZE
  • ElasticDroid
  • SideArms4Reason
  • Samuel Blackson
  • EliLikesRice
  • MissesMae
  • SypherPK
  • speedyw03
  • McNasty
  • Soup
  • SwaggerSouls
  • Stabbies
  • Send1t
  • Meow Michelle
  • NoahJ456
  • CaptainSparkelz
  • Liz Katz
  • Nilkski
  • Fissy
  • Ms. Vixen
  • EmilyRexz
  • Azzerz